Maybe there are some parallels here

out of 12,500 known species of ants, 250 are social parasites of one kind or another


it makes sense to separate them into a separate biological species

That’s nice and sinister- they’re called “slavemaking ants”.

Spicy. I’d never try to provoke a cat-fight. Who, me? Any of you shiksas ever feel this?

The queen invades a nest by clinging on the rightful queen and slowly chokes her to death.

Learning about slavemaking ants is creepin me out.

Okay I like the look of this article

“So you mean like BLM then?” You still haven’t rebelled against the superstructure, huh? Most of the ones who owned and sold slaves before the civil war weren’t “whites”, and they’re the same ones who own the “slaves” now.

Humans aren’t the only species that have had to deal with the issue of slavery. Some species of ants also abduct the young of others, forcing them into labouring for their new masters.

So eerie to look at the white ants and know that’s what’s happened to them.

Wikispooks? Apparently there’s an “antwiki”

Dulosis is the presence of permanent parasitism with slavery.

Our society – it has been diagnosed.

There’s a list of all the species of ant hosts and ant slavemakers here. I’d like to find a wiki specially designed for all the people in the world who are “hosts”.

This is a good point. There are slaves among the slavemakers too

Since I found that Arabic Goodreads site I’ve been in the mood to spend some time as a “humanitarian bureaucrat” and travel to Syria and Iran to help them scan their books and upload them to the internet, before it’s too late. Their googles are really bad too, they need help with Internet. Im guessing the Peace Corps doesn’t do missions for this? The few good sites I’ve found using their engines was like visiting an alternate-reality, I love that. Before the slavemaker ants took control of their minds, people must have been pretty interesting.

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