Goebbelian bloodhound mode

This guy is probably kind of crazy to postulate 2-3 million, his general point stands though, they hide, change their names, lie on the census, mischlings pretend to be euros among euros when they’re truly loyal to Zion, etc. We only have unreliable search engines to use, finding only gems here and there that they haven’t managed to scrub yet. I’ve had a “hunch” about Ukraine though. What was the impeachment about? Call to Ukraine. Also Hunter’s laptop had lots of dirt on that connection, underplayed because the supposedly worse threat is China – this could be a more secretive stronghold of theirs than we might expect.

If you study the CIA you might be amazed how they coup multiple countries in the same year. “Have to hand it to em”. Syria, and Ukraine is the second candidate if I had to guess. And meanwhile the US itself will continue to be couped whether Biden or Trump is president, so possibly these three countries simultaneously. Remember, we’re living in one at this very moment.

It’s disturbing to think that the reason Yandex is less meticulously censored is because they already caused the collapse of Russia so they don’t focus on it as much. One mocking Egyptian likened their perception of countries to toilet paper that they use and flush.

Who knows what stats to believe about their population – they’re probably the ones in charge of the census

Where did the KGB frolic off to? Besides Israel and the US – are many “underground” in Ukraine? ~Mysteriously~ didn’t get purged or starve to death, Solzhenitsyn himself said if there were Jewish prisoners in the gulags, they were treated better than everyone else. “You voted for Trump? You’re being locked up. By the way, do you prefer windows or mac? How do you like your steak?”

Basically, in this post I’m wondering if Ukraine is thee “second NYC”, thee third Israel- that would be significant to determine.

“Genetic glow-in-the-darks”, tracking mischling feds.

Geopolitically, Ukraine would be the perfect HQ, between the two powers they wish to control, the EU and Russia

And we know Turkey is crawling with anti-semites and they’re right between Syria and Ukraine, that’s undoubtedly a project planned for the future. Everyday I have the demotic panopticon yapping in my head, “Can you just knock it off? Can you just talk about something normal?” No, no one talks about their plot for world domination, so I’m going to continue to.

One of the many others to yandex later

For you crypto-Stalinists out there, I read that his greatest regret in life was that he didn’t go far enough

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