Why do you think we have this institution known as “the electric chair”? There’s a substantial portion of the population that believes there are evils that deserve such punishment. If I were ever tried in court, for calling for execution, I’d ask the judge to wonder if he himself isn’t someone who should fry and twitch on an electric chair. The secret’s out- most Americans don’t trust the legal system. They managed to sublimate that into hating prole cops in order to distract from the rest of the corrupt apparatus. Crooked judges, crooked congresspersons, who the majority of have backgrounds in law. They use those laws sneakily to work with the corporations, pharmaceutical industry, weapons dealers, unhealthy food, and in the process subjugate the American people. Do I want you to have your final heartbeat while shitting your pants in an electric chair? Of course I do. And calling killing all of you “genocide”, alright? Yes, I want you all dead. The justification for the electric chair is often spoke of as a “deterrent” – this is correct, we wish to send a message to everyone else, that if you are the one responsible for certain crimes then something similarly inhumane is going to happen to you as a response. I know the names of many of them, so do you probably, and I think it’s time we sent them a message.

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