“Finally I have a goyim talk like this.”

You can’t even do that yourself. I know things you don’t because I wasn’t given pro-Zionism all my life. I’m not going to lie to you like the rabbis do. Is existence beautiful? Yes, it is. Are certain doctrines making us live in a world where religious totalitarianisms are facts? Yes. The main alliance in 2020 is between the various euro-peoples, of which jews are among them, whether they like it or not. Your sacred book isn’t precise enough, it doesn’t allow for innovation. Your granddaughters are going to have jungle-brain if you keep this up. Land and Dugin understand this and they try to fly under the radar. We like not exploiting people with money, Marx explained this trying to warn you. Euros aren’t typically worried about transferring from country to country, because they are happy where they are. Jews on the other hand are obsessed with getting to another country and making it pay for Exodus. You deserved that, bitch. As you deserved the dozens of others throughout your sickening history. A jew was shot in the head I read in the jewspaper. Are you trying to tell me I shouldn’t experience happiness when I hear that news?

Don’t be fooled though, try to understand what some of them are about

Harris 2024 is already planned in some of their minds. What would you say if you could see through all these stunts?

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