Poor Jewish women, I’d kiss you right on your nose, given I have a nose similar to yours. Are any of you religious anymore? There’s a god beyond the Abrahamic ones. “What is purely Good?” “What is truly Good?” It isn’t a simple question to answer. Forgetting about the Jewish order is the first step to that. “You’d never dare!” Yeah I would, who do you think you’re talking to? The genetic-jew is something that should be critiqued. Are you awful people? No, no one thinks that. Certain people in your general group are far from G-d. “No they’re not.” They are. We need to be able to have a talk about this. Things aren’t going to be good for any of us if this continues. “You’re a liar, Jews are Chosen” – chosen to be what? You have no instinctive ability to respond to any regular questions. You ban people who wonder simple questions. What is your answer? “We’ll eliminate you from society if you question us.” Alright so you’re on my therapy couch now with that attitude. You could be gorgeous, and I wonder why you’re here. “Aryan people are blonde blue eyes and dislike people who make all their money banking, they see it as a form of dishonesty” Why do you think you’re here, sweet girl, who happens to be a Jew?

“Can’t you just be nice to me for once?” Sure I can, if you can admit to what you’ve done in the countries of the last millennia. “Be nice to me.” You’re pretty I guess…? You’re not Aryan though, and that’s.. not ideal? If you could prove your brain is Aryan maybe I wouldn’t think about killing you? Unfortunately there are sad prospects for that possibility.

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