Got my first smell of winter this morning since the previous thaw. It smelled like reading a poem about nostalgia, remembering all the cycles of seasons throughout my life. So much time has to go by before we’re not enslaved anymore. A few lifetimes of cycles of seasons, and that’s if we’re lucky. They’d sanction us on the Moon if we spiritually escaped. We’d have to deal with them, and their conception of “mental hygiene” for at least a couple generations. With a geographical escape, there’d still be an invisible umbilical cord until we were entirely self-sustaining, and after that many years the risk that we’d simply bring the cathedral with us is extremely high. It would just be a cloning operation. “You have to be loyal to the Queen.” Will there be a 1776 on the Moon? Ideally, a bloodless one. Scifi writers couldn’t even describe precisely what that would involve. I’ve given you a few details about that. Two types of literature for the future- one preparing us that we do not perpetuate our vile kind offworld, and another that’s more extremist once we’re offworld that describes how vile they truly are. That is what would lead to sanctions. Depicting these grotesque abominations accurately. Just thinking about them makes me want to puke–and yet, most people are them! ugh.. Yandexing “Russian version of PKD”, not seeing results, someone needs to enhance Yandex too. These two types of literature are mandatory though. They need to take a sort of “misanthropic bible” with them or all will be in vain. Wow, I wish I had a time machine so I could read the book that causes the schism from the terrerstrials, written by a “Lunatic” in a moon city in the year 2300 or something (sadly I do expect it to be that far away). What would they say about us? Believing in the ideas of the Quran is enough to get you sanctioned these days, and that’s just rookie stuff. Abysmal hatred is what I want to see. Even polite disagreement now means you’ll be living under a bridge. Don’t do deals with the haters or you’ll be ostracized from the world economy. Probably centuries to get away from that dynamic.

What could they really deprive us of at a certain point though?

That’s not the main danger. Earthlings are going to be living in the lunar cities, that’s the danger. “Shlomo’s shekels built this town, what do you think you’re doin”.

There’s probably going to be an East/West division. Frontier-mindset within those bounds. You think there won’t be speech police up there? Say that you move away from the main city eventually, as a kind of Wild West migration, you’re not going to have autonomy even then. The shitlibs are going to be keeping their eye on you. You’d have to go super Wild West, here’s an idea – “And Jupiter, where helium-3 is rife.”

Use the moon’s helium-3 and frontier conditions to escape to another planet’s moon that hasn’t been settled by the lib terrestrials.

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