Interesting how they frame this – America is the norm

What other country would frame it that way, and make films about this general subject?

See how it’s normal to just bring “us” up

“Leadership” as Killary called it in her memoir. I’ll give you leadership, don’t trust a damn thing the mainstream believes.

Hollywood uses money and technology to infect the world

“If the Americans can make movies of that quality then the ideology must be good.” No, no.

Just a random one from the list called Frontier

300 million rubles equals about 4 million in USD – Interstellar’s budget was 165 million, just an example, I’d have to rewatch that to see if there was any ideological dimension. Point is, they throw a lot of money into that industry and it’s consoomed by the world and seen as something to emulate. Trust me, just do your own thing. I read that the Iranian youth find state-programming channels boring, when they can watch western media instead.

Yeah, frequently juxtaposing Russian film with “ours” – this itself is a way to look into the future, if things continue apace here. We’ll be writing about how our art is similar to China’s. I wonder what that must be like, watching movies with subtitles that you see as the “standard” – just a natural feeling of inferiority? Seems to be the case.

I’d like to find some contemporary work of theirs in this genre

I’ve linked before to their version of DARPA – this is potentially more state of the art then anything you’ll find with them. “The Americans are trying to steal our secrets!” What about it? How about some theory-fiction about murdering your ruling class? I’d like to read that too, for reasons.

I’m also finding a related genre called Mundane Science Fiction which regards distant-future concepts as escapism, focusing more on fictional portrayals of more practical, if speculative, technology. Now we’re talking about “creating the future” when making this type of precise distinction in scifi. It’s called mundane when really it’s precog material.

“Near-sight” military fiction they have

“Oracularity” – who would care about that? White people who aren’t totally captured by the cathedral, what is their art like? They must have fiction the portrays the slaughtering of US elites? The best hyperstition in existence, if it exists. We must have to make it exist if it doesn’t, no? Call this a hyperstition of hyperstition. Does MENA produce such fine art?

Here’s a 2016 novel by a russkie

Nothing the warner bros touch will be radical in any way unfortunately, this is a good general framework though – for young adults, ha!

Another book from that link – crispr novels out there somewhere?

Top secret biological projects are working on the moon. 

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