Weird russkie thing to say

As for the Americans, they greeted the mention of their exclusivity with delight, but most of the peoples of the world breathed cold and fear, because everyone knows what the talk about the exclusivity of the German nation led to. 

“Americans are the real Nazis!” – Is he wrong?

a strange nation that made the whole world call itself Americans.

Probably not a coincidence

So the sudden desire among the American elites to convey to mankind the words about the exclusiveness of the American nation is not so unusual, but for some reason they follow the mainstream of the centuries-old Jewish history

Russians are demonized because they’re the only ones smart enough to see America for what it is. I see Iranians call Americans and Zionists “Nazis” too. WW2 was the real Nazis beating the sub-par Nazis. I don’t understand why there’s such a dismissive reaction to this claim. “Don’t exaggerate, don’t be dramatic.” I’m not. Imperialist Amerijew supremacy, of course they tell themselves and others they’re the good guys. You need to be permatripping to understand these things- most are confined to status quo opinion no matter what they do, what they read. What is permatripping? The deliberate, ceaseless suspension of dogma.

This is a sensible take on the Zion Protocols

The mind of the elite is not in print anywhere, glad to finally see someone else who says this. One must intuit what is going on with them. And given that people who speculate on thus are algorithmically banned, it’s really easy to take the texts and posts of the surface-reality as true. The They as Heidegger called it, it’s easy to agree with them.

I was just brazen to find the article I’m drawing from in this post

Everyday is “Having a normal one” in my world! The reason they’re so crypto and don’t write anything down, directly anyway, is because the natural response you can see above. What they call trolls are often just people with more advanced intuitive faculties. We can read your mind, we know what you’re doing, and punishment for that is death.

It’s so sad you can’t have courses about this even at the highest echelons of the academy

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