After all these years why does this still make me laugh, it seems like it would stop being funny at some point

Just clicking around on wikispooks again. Look at this, can you believe it?

This is Joel Stein, honesty I never see!

“Can you just stop?!” Can you stop caring about the pollution of the environment? I care about the mental environment.

“So it’s true. And what’s wrong with that?”

They themselves have convinced you that there’s nothing wrong with it. Here’s another one who says it himself

Richard Wagner is rolling in his grave at this, better to never have even formulated the gesamtkunstwerk if this was it’s destiny.

Here’s a book to check out

Keep making hundreds of posts about the “presidency” you fools, and not one about any of this.

Another rare instance of “verbal exclusivity”

“They never mention us, they’re nice fellows in that way.”

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