I found the “Jimmy Wales” of wikispooks, maybe you can call him. The one who inspired it the most. Peter Dale Scott. I love to find old men in this game who were old men before I was born. “Was wikispooks made by a spook?” – I know this is a question that some are wondering. I’m not sure, he has an extensive bibliography and he’s not besmirched on wikipedia itself, all I know is that I actually do honor the “institution” of the Encyclopedia, and if he inspired wikispooks then I’m probably going to be scrolling through his many books, because, can you find me a better encyclopedia? I mean, there’s lots of room for improvement with wikispooks, and that’s not saying much with our current internet- at the same time, I revere the idea of the Encyclopedia-in-itself and wikispooks isn’t a bad attempt at one so far. You think this is all a ~conspiracy~? Do you know how many signs I’ve seen from people in high places who agree with the basis of what I say about how the world works, who I will not cite, do you know how many times I’ve seen these things confirmed by people with privileged vantage-points? There’s a purely verbal layer to esoteric politics, that dissenters in-the-know don’t want to tie their name and face to because it would ruin their lives. Anyway, who’s this Scott? The first book I look at I see this

Self-generating war seems like a machine-elf concept to me. Let’s not even get into that so-called conspiracy though. That’s how they keep you tricked- they only discuss Realpolitik amongst themselves, and eliminate any pleb talk about it from the public sphere, until you begin to conclude that their purely verbal subjects simply don’t exist, or are mere conspiracy. Know a really interesting list I’d like to find? Who the NSA specially neglects to spy on. Because the most important ones are going to make sure they’re not being recorded. Is there a record of that itself somewhere? They must know who not to record. So it does follow… A “silence list”, that would be rather loud to find. What is the role of the President if he can’t dig up a list like that? We’re all so numb to the idea of war in the middle east and the false flag of 9/11, the patriot act- they’re mass murderers, who make billions off killing people, and lying to us, being able to spy on everything in our lives to control us, this isn’t something to be numb about.

Just casually scrolling through this book of Scott’s and he seems spot-on

America’s self-generating wars contribute to an increasing insecurity and destabilization in America and in the world.
Thus, by a paradoxical dialectic, America’s New World Order degenerates progressively into a New World Disorder.

The ones running this operation aren’t the ones who should be in charge. They wear expensive suits, that’s the only thing that separates them from ghetto mongrels, they kill people and steal, except they happen to have a Book to justify their actions. I’m just a hermeneuticist, I interpret books, and I noticed that all the worst crimes that happen in the world are rooted in certain texts that a certain people believed in for thousands of years. It’s all right on the surface, they see themselves as being chosen by God to be thugs. They’re a gang that happens to wear nice clothes. If you believe in anything other than Mammon, then you’re on their kill-list. You make money for them or you’re pretty much dead. I believe in something more than shekel, you can kill me for that if you want. I’ll probably try to put a bullet in you before you do that, which I and my ilk in fact have. So go to the doctor to get that healed and whine to him how oppressed you are, you lowly shtetl bumpkin, you primitive, ignorant savage that’s managed to survive until the present-day. I’m not “buying” your shit, your cheap verbal tricks, I’m slapping it out of your hand, and knocking you out, and when you wake up you can keep rationalizing to yourself why you were the right one who didn’t deserve that. The fact that you can never change is only further reason why you should be snuffed out of existence entirely.

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