I don’t care if people make fun of me for it, I need my face to be used as a seat. I don’t care if you take revenge on me and break my nose at this point, digital gulags aren’t good for mental health.

Whatever, studying groundbreaking scientific racism right now.

Guess which one of these I goog-translated into English

The China one isn’t on z-library otherwise I might have taken a look at that.

“Why don’t you study your own people, maybe then you’d learn why you’re such a dirtbag.” Priorities. You do that instead. Be racist toward me, I’d love it. (Also want to kill you for it, the subterranean realities amirite folks). For instance, I see Land as such a wonderbread for always self-flagellating about anglos, never mentioning jews, sad sad mayo people. I try to be a psychotherapist for you neurotic freaks. Whenever white people say something negative about white people, in the prog way, they’re being worthy of racist insults. Such as baizuo. Blaming whites instead of jews is baizuo. Blaming the “CIA” for everything, well you’re just a bitch who might as well be in the CIA yourself. I’m serious, you need to lay back on the couch, because you have a mental condition. Progs really think they hate white people. Elaborately theorize about escaping to the moon then get back to me. I’ll give you electroshock therapy if you want? You need something extreme like that, otherwise put a fork in you. When whites demonstrate their anti-white sentiment, that’s the real thing to hate about whites. Reactionaries are at a further stage of the dialectic for realizing this. You should have the same connotation as suicidal emo teens, you need to cheer up, grow up. How else could you describe anti-white sentiment among whites? You’re suicidal, you’re not right in the head. And the people in control of the screens all your life played a major role in your present mental illness. You should want to live. I know, that’s controversial to say in these times. The holocaust propaganda made them wonder if they should be alive, and now they’re taking it out on us, making us wonder that. Don’t be an emo kid, you need to see the light, it’s there. Every time you implicitly call for the ethnic cleansing of whites I just see you as a cutter. You ~deserve the pain~ you freak. You need to grow up.

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