Du Jin isn’t messin around, he goes way back before Exodus

Why do I find pictures on google images that just seem like they must be about me?

So many people have had murder fantasies about me, I find it flattering.

Not to trivialize a timeless biblical story. We’re talking about the origins of where we are today, which is a grave matter.

Notice that the above translation isn’t the greatest – this is a nifty feature

A perfect instant translator would be historical.

Whoa what’s this

Imagine being able to visit a Syrian library, put on glasses, and have the Arabic text instantly translated through the lens. Historical. Has DERPA invented something like this yet for the feds?

Microsoft has a translator – this is some “spy” stuff for citizens

It is available as an app for Smartwatches as well.

“Linguee” – this is futuristic

No, you misinterpreted my request, foolish robot, this is still useful to see though

So much technical nerd crap I have to scroll through – it’ll be worth it though if I find something better than goog-translate. A historical invention that few know about. All the authors that professionals don’t translate because they don’t want to be affiliated with them!

I should patent that glasses idea, oh wait that’s a thousand ideas, shameless copycats.

That it’s so difficult to find the tek to do what I’m looking for, only goes to show that we’re not living at the end of history. I want a website that links to Arabic Goodreads, Russian Goodreads, Persian Goodreads, Mandarin Goodreads, and a way to instantly translate any book I find, into perfect English.

Article from 2015

This is another thing leftists should care about, would care about, if they weren’t constrained to the faux-leftist demands of Capital, quit trying to lie to me about what you are. Yknow my favorite uncontacted Brazil tribes? We could instantly translate all kinds of stuff of ours into their language. Teaching them Nietzsche! The possibilities.


24 hours? What are we living in the Stone Age?

This is a good question – imagine how botched someone like Kant gets using goog-translate

You don’t know the first thing about “connecting the world” you globalist hacks.

We end this journey for the time being without a solution. Like I said, such an invention would be historical.

-continues looking- Nope, doesn’t exist as far as I can tell, not yet.

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