Found this idea again – infinitely interesting, at least to me

Here the idea is born that the Jews worship the head of a donkey – this is due to the fact that the Jewish God was identified by the Egyptians with Set-Typhon, the Egyptian Satan, who was often depicted with a donkey’s head.

What made it Satanic? Everyone knows about the golden coffin of Tut, I think this is a bit more important.

Trying to solve an ancient mystery

Hyksos again

At this point in history, Set was clearly associated with Upper Egypt and was a popular and esteemed god. However, by the Second Intermediate Period he was associated with the Hyksos (who probably saw a similarity between Set and Baal)

(Oh yeah sidenote- remember the Chinese Hakka people? Gonna have to do another foray into them soon)

For now let’s stick with Set

identified with the hippopotamus, crocodiles, scorpions, turtles, pigs and donkeys – all animals which were considered to be unclean or dangerous.

Talk about humble origins.

Remember that Qabbalist Kenneth Grant I used to post about at xenosystems? He was always bringing up Set, considering himself to be part of the “Typhonian Tradition” – some connections there for the peak-schizos to explore.

This is weird if this is true

I ran away for seven days on a donkey, and, running away, gave birth to Hierosolomus and Judas.” Now, since Typhon was later worshiped in the form of a donkey, and since the name of the donkey is AO, or (phonetically) IAO, vowels imitating the cry of this animal…


I’m not trying to be rude, I’m just looking up the Egyptian side of the story.

Yandex this – ancient Egypt Jews Hyksos Set Satan Древний Египет Евреи Гиксосы Сет Сатаны – lots of links to read, if you’re so inclined. Just the beginning of Western history, who cares? Now if someone asks if we’re ruled by a Satanic cult we have a more clarified understanding of what that means.

Set is the god of sandstorms, chaos, rage, destruction, war… Surprising is the fact that there is no information left about the descendants of Set…

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