The sites I find on livejournal, wordpress, and .ru’s via yandex are what our news should look like. Independent “journalists”. We’re in such a sordid state in the US. Can’t write about anything they don’t allow, wow, so engaging. Same with JSTOR. Biden was a vote for increased dullness, good job. This is a good one I’m reading now – are these just rando proles with a side-hobby in history, politics, and the like? Seems that way with a lot of them. How does our opinion-management caste get told they’re bourgeois and then continue their way of life? Such phony people.

This was an ancient Greek’s take

Set-Typhon “out of envy and hatred did terrible deeds and, having made everything in the world upset, filled the whole earth and the sea with evil and then suffered punishment”, his name means “destroyer”

Oy my history of persecution and scapegoating!!

How are these the lyrics out of anything 😂

Smashing Pumpkins was one of my favorites as a teenager. I still feel like the same person I was then, I’m even wearing a black t-shirt right now, I just refined my focus of rage, a natural development. If I remember correctly, I just called it “the system” in those days, very vague understanding of what that meant. I do hope that a decade from now I look back at my present self and think I only vaguely understood then.

So, those Hyksos took over Egypt and imposed a sort of proto-Satanism on the population for hundreds of years, then eventually were driven out? Heh imagine if we finally drive them out and they create a new “Exodus” tale. I don’t think they should get another chance to do this to someone else, honestly.



If you like, Jesus is the new Cain, who this time is killed by Abel (the personification of the Jews)

“And we’ll kill him again too!” Yeah I know you will, because you represent evil in the world.

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