Decided to take one of my abiding concerns to yandex

Everyone already knows that. If you want to be a fleeting entertainment in life I guess that’s up to you.

Seeing if yandex has any weird maps now, since sluts make life meaningless, this is one of the first results coincidentally

Look, I find a map of the US

Anyway, just continuing to look for “my people”

If you think years of using facebook and twitter hasn’t affected your personality, you’re wrong. What are the best blogs of the darkweb? Could potentially use writers like that as a de-jackification procedure.

I see it referred to as “illegal information” – possibly we could find some eloquent ones, theorists, not just 4chan trolls, as fun as the latter can be. I also see rumor of disappeared FBI/CIA documents somewhere out there… One of the problems seems to be that “secret wikis” which are directories to people/docs like this are taken over by feds and mislead you to “approved” sites.

Then there’s this dimension – scammers

Pay $60 to feds so you can access a forum where feds talk to each other, sounds legit.

Here’s a decent title to see

Apparently about 30,000 people made a site as an alternative to facebook, and it was shut down.

I wonder if there were any “strange and exotic plants” on there

if Galaxy, working in TOR, is so different from ordinary social networks, maybe its users and their work will also be radically different?

“Digital seastead”, that’s what I’m looking for, so many boring people in the world, why wouldn’t you (unless you’re one of them)

This is an informative article

And on the darknet, according to researchers Virginia Griffin, Young Xu and Carlo Ratti, there are about 87% of such sites that do not link to others.

You can bet that I’ll be linking you if I find some good ones.

The admin was a 25 year old, killed himself in prison.

From 2019

This is a war with the covert agencies.


Now it’s just looking futile

17 independent development teams are currently working on the order of the US government.

They just want absolute control of everything. I just want to find that book on Ivan the Terrific. Not to mention the ones I’ve never even heard of.

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