This is such a joke

This was released only last month

If you want to take down the CIA, Maxwell is your girl. Scroll through and see how dishonest “legal proceedings” are.

This wikispooks page seems to get at something about all this that isn’t often mentioned

Of all human vices and perversions, pedophilia is one of the most shameful and outrageous in the public mind, giving it great potential as a source of control… Standard military discipline simply cannot hold a candle to it

They have a video of you with a kid, you’re owned for life. Even with a 17 year old girl. I’m sure there are much much worse cases than that. I’ve also seen the claim that it’s part of doing business with some people. Like, they’ll take pictures with kids knowingly, just to prove that they’ll always be loyal. I wonder how many congressmen have such pictures out there. It’s not just formal gov either, probably oil execs, big pharma, illegal gun and drug trade, etc. And there must be a “pedophilia wing” within the covert agencies. Who knows, maybe feds themselves are implicated in pedophilia as part of the business.

Look how they try to cover their tracks

465 pages of this? Think of how they responded to Hunter’s laptop, even if she sang like a bird about the CIA (and Mossad) overseeing a pedophilia-ring for decades they’d still want to keep them around if they’re part of the establishment that ensures that there are Equalist messages on TV and fascistnazis are banned from speaking anywhere. Really, that seems to be how their minds work. Biden is a war criminal with a pedophile son and he at least represents brown people and women, so that’s the rangordnung in their minds, very confused. Bombing and plundering arabs, making shady nuclear deals with the Chinese, banging your little cousin, that doesn’t matter, because Harris is a brown woman. The appearance of leftism over everything else. Their objective isn’t to free women and browns from their chains as it were, it’s to give them self-esteem about who they are. They don’t intend to change them for the better, they intend to change their opinion about themselves, they want them to think better of themselves. It’s just an affirmation of baseness at its core. This is what they find sacred above all else in life, convincing people that they’re good, when the reality is that it’s highly questionable whether they are good.

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