The WW2 historiography fanatics will like this connection

FDR, we have a personal grudge against him, don’t we?? One of the most prominent leaders of the “second French Revolution“. It’s struck me as bizarre that Churchill is more memorable in the public consciousness – doesn’t it seem that way? Still, one might say that “Delano” is a household name. Warren Delano was thee American merchant involved with the opium trade in China. 60 million dead from the civil war resulting from that, and some find a cohesion between that and the later maoist purges, which resulted in another 80 million, by some estimates.

Wasn’t it Moldbug who said something along the lines that the real capital of the Cathedral isn’t Washington DC, it’s Harvard Massachusetts?

Much of the east coast of America – Columbia, Harvard, Yale, Princeton were born from opium money.

And who was the opium kingpin of the US? That would be one Warren Delano.

Another couple names

John Kerry’s maternal grandfather, James Grant Forbes, was born in Shanghai, China, where the Forbes family of China and Boston accumulated a fortune in the opium and China trade.

Forbes? Isn’t that some cheap magazine or something? John Kerry though, we know him. China’s not so vulnerable in his lifetime, so better loot the Middle East instead, right? Family legacy.

Delano said later that he could not pretend to justify the opium trade on moral grounds, “but as a merchant I insist it has been… fair, honorable and legitimate…

They’re probably going to be paying “us” back for this too, so the consequences of Sassoon and Delano are still in the future

Get gooks high and ruin their country for decades and decades so you can have a grandson who defeats Hitler- this Delano has to be one of the worst people in all of history.

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