A relief it will be for some- I’m beginning to study Du Jin’s book on the Anglos. Hopefully I’ll make them wish I went back to studying Jews. I want to understand their Dasein, what would have set them up for being zogged. At the same time I feel hesitance to study them because I know that I could get away with that at the academy, and that can’t be a good sign. Still, to understand the parasite one must understand the host. And I intend to be a sort of parasite on the parasite, thus–.

English population in 1980 – 50 million. English population today – 22 million. How did this happen? 226 million total population in the US in 1980, 331 million today.

Must have fancied those women of the Continent, huh? It never ceases to amuse me, thinking of that one essay by Ralph Waldo Emerson where he’s hating on the German immigrants in America. You don’t even know the half of it Ralph, Germans?? The English are only 7% of the US population today, isn’t there something absurd-sounding about that?

Yeah I’d have to say that they’re a pretty important people to know scientifically in order to understand modernity

What’s that, I want a scientific-materialistic picture of them? Because I’m an individualist, and that’s what an individualist would do?

He also follows this with a 100 page study on Wales, Ireland, Scotland. I’d only trust a non-cathedralian Heideggerian to carry out such a project. I know I’m not going to be trusting a self-flaggelating, ethnomasochistic Anglo on what Anglos are. Laughing deliriously right now that I found this way to be racist. You’re only allowed to be critical of whites in a certain way, it isn’t “anything goes”, far from it. Du Jin sees them as the representative of sea power, against Russia’s land power, so I’m sure he won’t be holding back anything, hopefully it’s brutal, now I just have the problem of goog-translator being stone age tech.

This looks like it’ll be an interlocking text, most relevant to contemporary geopolitics, given that Britain proper doesn’t rule the world anymore

Zog and the middle east. If you remember what the Russian list of banned materials looks like, I tentatively anticipate that certain of these books won’t be as hyper-racist (scientific) as possible. Still, it’s a great sign that they try to disappear Du Jin from the internet.

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