I’ve realized it isn’t precisely goog-translator’s fault. Do you ever copy and paste from a PDF and have to do some backspacing so the line-breaks aren’t uneven? I think that’s part of the solution, to find tek that converts PDFs to a different formatting of line-breaks. Because you might have noticed if you’ve followed me with all these foreign sites that have the instant-translation feature, that it’s pretty much understandable, with a few grammatical hiccups here and there. And another glaring problem is that when two similar words are stated, sometimes the same word is translated twice. Other than that, goog-translate for web-pages doesn’t seem that bad, at least for a beginner in Persian (I’m sure linguists have many quibbles).

See what I’m talking about here?

I think that messes up the translation, because it goes line by line rather than sentence by sentence. In the future we might have AI that can go chapter by chapter, to appreciate an even broader context.

For now though, let’s see, is there tek to convert PDF format so it can be more clearly translated using google? (If you want to hack the system you need to deal with this tedious technical stuff sometimes.)

In order to learn about the dasein of the Anglos we have to learn about the dasein of the PDF rofl

It was a mistake that you found yourself learning about Marty Heidegger from me!

What a PDF is – he could’ve never expected that we’d find ourselves here. Same goes with Du Jin’s ontologies of civilizations.

You’re like okay enough with jokes how do you convert the PDF? I don’t know I’m not a tech nerd. Goog-translate isn’t flawless, yet I don’t see too many problems with it for normal webpages, so the implications of finding this tek are profound though. Once again, the fact that this isn’t the first google search result is a symptom that not many people care to read untranslated books from various languages.

Oh great, I love to see this

Help me you nerds, and maybe I’ll stop calling you nerds.

Here is a PDF editor that I found. See when I double-click this it highlights the line rather than the paragraph

I know one girl who is learning some obscure language they speak in the Philippines, I bet she’d like to know how to insta-translate texts from there without any of these technical difficulties, same with all the books on that Arabic Goodreads.

Heidegger equated America and Russia, saying that they were caught between two pincers. After the Cold War and the collapse of the USSR, Russia seems to have acquired more of an independence that’s made it more similar to Germany. I’ve even seen a couple on yandex admit that they carry on the tradition of the Nazis, which might explain “our” demonization of them. Figuring out this techie stuff is a way to reverse the second French Revolution.

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