Whatever you want to tell yourself (and I know you tell yourself lots of things), this is one of the most highbrow titles of an essay I’ve seen

Yandexing these ideas together, you should try that.

There was a second french revolution, and some did survive.

Probably wasn’t you, you’re probably one of the peasants who are disgusting, 99% chance.

In most cases, you and the market are one. If you are on mainstream social media at all then you probably have no idea what Marx was talking about for instance, because you’re one of the classes that he saw as being exploited. That’s how they keep you where you are, with PC and banning.

They try to make you docile by imposing the belief that jews, whites, and browns are all the same. Except, Jews control it, and they emphasize positive nigger traits and pretend that whites aren’t the reason we are talking through electricity right now, have roads, etc. There is no equality. Jews have superior cunning and thieving abilities. Whites create a generally functioning society. Blacks have their dicks which mean you’re cutting your brain in half. Mexicans have enchiladas, I guess? All these various people live in Immigrantland, USA and try to tell themselves that if whites weren’t here they wouldn’t return to huts. You would, you’re a bunch of niggers. Anglos too are a sort of type of nigger for apologizing for them. You just want to live in the jungle, huh? I’m not living in the damn jungle, all you social media sell-outs I’ll shoot in the head without any hesitation, you are betrayers of humanity for your own personal gain, quit denying it you bitch. What a waste, to be someone whose death is seen in the same way the slaughter of a chicken is seen. Jews, blacks, browns, leftist-whites are pieces of shit that try to cover it up in various ways. You can’t hide from me, I see what you are. If your skull was shattered I’d probably nod and think, That’s probably good. All people who can’t even disagree with me on my terms because they’re beholden to PC standards of postwar nonsense. It doesn’t matter what I say, you’re a liberal piece of trash who will never learn. Jealous of people who actually say what’s going on in the world, you jealous piece of shit. That’s what most people are who read me. “I can’t say anything that’s true, so I’m going to hate him.” You’re a bitch. Instead of a head on your neck there’s a pussy there, you have a pussy for a head. Keep talking out of it bitch. Tell me about how happy you are you are a Jewish slave. Go on, write something about how you believe kikes are not in fact kikes. Otherwise you’re just a worthless white who lets immoral people live in their society, and you might as well be as bad as them. Ah, weren’t we supposed to be talking about Heidegger in this post? This is what the 2020 version of his thought looks like. Keep coping, we know you will.

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