The medium is the message

Baidu is special here. It will probably help create a unique people in the world.

When I click most countries on this list, here is what it tends to look like for most popular website

This is Kuwait. You’d be surprised which countries use these three sites the most. If I were you I’d stop using google, or only use it half the time. It’s difficult isn’t it? It’s been with us for years, it’s part of us.

Let’s see what Yandex has to say about google. Do you trust what google has to say about google?

some leading Google experts took part in the events of the so-called. “Arab Spring” and worked on the Internet in programs to overthrow the regime of President Hosni Mubarak in Egypt in 2011.

This is from a 2016 article – google works with covert agencies to overthrow not only foreign countries

he does not consider her possible victory to be fair because of the invisible and large-scale manipulations of one private company. Such behind-the-scenes activity makes democracy meaningless.

After spending lots of time on Yandex, this seems pretty accurate

Knowledge of psychological technology makes it possible, through manipulation in Google, to easily shift preferences in favor of the desired candidate by 20 percent or more among undecided voters, provided that almost none of them understands that they are being manipulated. In some demographic groups, this figure can be as high as 80%.

This is one of those “always-already” structures of experience that we take for granted. Googling is another way of saying “looking up the truth” in many people’s minds! I know you know what I’m talking about too, because I wasn’t so different until I started yandexing.

All these people probably have no clue. Google has a political agenda.

You’re manipulated by robots to consoom cringe

it has proven to be the most effective personal information collection tool ever invented… Google Inc. has amassed far more power to control not only a wide range of opinions and beliefs, but elections, than any other company in human history.

The hunchbacked poindexters of Silicon Valley want to make you into their image.

You don’t think of “CIA” when you see this, right?


Plausible deniability

under existing US law, there is nothing illegal about manipulating people using a computer search engine.

Artxell, is that you?

The connection to Harris here is obvious. Smelly street-shitters you don’t want as incoherent babbling telemarketers, let alone in high places. “Some are good doctors though!” Yeah and why do they still vote for the bioleninist candidate, makes you wonder.

Whoa there’s lots of hyperlinks to dirt on google over the years here.

Still trust googling?

I always attack twitter, when google has 60 billion monthly visits and twitter only has 4 billion. There must be a feedback loop between people consooming what is curated by the mouthbreather techlords who should be thrown in lockers and what is discussed as “self-evident fact” by the bluechecks and other digital serfs.

Article from 2019

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