Let’s just forget about politics, this sounds like a nice place doesn’t it?

Morocco is one of the Maghreb countries, washed in the north by the Mediterranean Sea, in the west by the Atlantic Ocean, and separated from the Sahara Desert by the Atlas Mountains.

I should just start throwing a dart over my shoulder at a map – oh, middle of the pacific ocean, the Jews were expelled from there too?? No, let’s not make this about politics, Morocco sounds like a nice place, doesn’t it? The only thing I know about it is, a girl from my college traveled there, and the joke was that she went under the pretext of doing a study abroad in photography when she really went there for “sex tourism” – I’m going to go to the Gaza Strip for sex tourism, jealous? Why not Tel Aviv? There are some laws against breeding with goys there, isn’t there? Doesn’t that make it all the more risque, my jewess lurkers?

We should get our version of the Mossad to manipulate the search results on a couple of these favorite websites of the Israelis to promote shredded Ahmeds – Oh Muhammad!

It’s seriously messed up learning about all the MENA people they’ve droned – they probably target their intellectuals in particular – turbaned technerds in bloody chunks in the sand.

Another “crossover” game I like to play is typing Arabic and Persian words into Yandex – look what I found that way

This one looks good

I happen to have taken quite the liking to Muslims, they’re right about a lot of things.

Whoa, what is this

This can’t be freakin real, 5408 books?!

I’m going to get you down to a science – here’s how. I’m going to grind your bones and make them into bread.

Just studying people who lived in a place, is there something wrong with that?

This noor-books seems better than that other Arabic Goodreads, I just downloaded a 400 pager with ease for free without needing to start an account.

Most people until recently probably thought that Kevin MacDonald’s book was the only one of its genre in existence – HA!

This looks somewhat promising

I’ve read that certain translation technologies are better for certain languages. There are certain ones that are designed for Mandarin to English, and others better for Arabic to English. If you want to be part of the “Aryan Mossad” it might be worth it to learn Arabic or Persian yourself, I’m considering it, we’re going to be on this earth for a while, and I don’t expect our crypto-government to change anytime soon, and this is how we can facilitate regime-change, through careful historical studies of the 109 which will ideally eventually be mainstreamed.

How I’d love to destroy their temple again

These are just the most interesting historical studies to me really

The esoteric hidden side, a book on this somewhere?

Imagine finding a Sufi’s or Farabian’s critical view of Kabbalists – that’s the War in Heaven right there. Similar on our side with Platonist and Heideggerian views of their modern-day alchemists.

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