Similar dynamic with the KGB being in the best place to understand our CIA, the MENA peoples intelligence services are in the best place to understand Mossad

“We need to focus on voter fraud right now.” I mean I am indirectly, you don’t think that Israeli spooks help to destabilize our country? There has to be collusion there, that people here are disincentivized from publishing about. Remember this idea of Five Eyes which Biden plans to strengthen, which is in reality 41 Eyes? That’s the surface, an alliance between Anglophone countries, Oceania, the UK, US, and Canada, when it’s probably closer to the truth that theres an alliance between the US and Israel that’s more fundamental.

These are probably some of our greatest allies in the world that we can learn from

I’m sure most of them have been droned to smithereens already.

Say we do actually go to war with Syria in the next few years – as an informed citizen of your country, this is something important to know about

A book on this written by someone named Sarah Arenson isn’t going to be the first one I want to read. I mentioned before that they teach Israeli children Persian so they have the option of being subverters of Iran when they look for careers as adults – one has to wonder how many of these Arabic books on covert agencies and the like were planted there by Mossad to throw off the Muslims.

Potential truth-serum material

A literal translation of what is in the Zionist mind, represented by personal notes, which were drawn by the hateful racism.

If you want to get into the shadow brain of many of our overlords, that’s what I try to facilitate. Maybe I should go back to soccer as a hobby? Heh, that’s so boring next to this stuff. “Kick da ball, kick da ball.”

I doubt you’ll be seeing this guy’s books in your university library

This one’s out of print, naturally

An Encyclopedia you say?

This is the kind of POC voice I want to hear

I read his book “Jews anthropologically” during my work on the encyclopedia of Zionism

I have no idea how people can be so content doing intellectual labor within the superstructure. Am I hubristic, is that what it is? The SJW-plane is just too dull for me.

Lots to dig into with this thinker. There are so many books from the Islamic world that I never would’ve expected to exist. I know it strikes Western ears as absurd and unbelievable…. it really does seem like the Muslims are more advanced than us in certain ways. They’re more realistic about race and religion- whites live in the illusion that there are not distinct peoples with distinct beliefs, that secularism really changed anything. It didn’t, the chosen people are ruling over the christians. We have to wonder if that’s truly the christian way to live. I reject this on Christian, Greek, and German grounds, among others.

This is exactly the kind of book that the Aryan Mossad needs to write

Most Christians are too ignorant to know what this could be about, and why it would be important to understand, that’s because they might as well have been converted to Judaism in the present-time. Muslims have not let that happen yet, because their faith is strong.

From the description of this book

It is necessary, before recounting the facts of corruption on the land and igniting revolutions, wars and strife, and those who are behind all that among the Jewish People of the Book, to make it clear that what is mentioned in this study in terms of the natures and insignificance of conspiracy does not apply to every Jew of the People of the Book, for they are not the same.

You’re seen as Satanic in our culture for saying something like that. We’re a primitive people in that sense, and it must have something to do with the telos of the New Testament. It’s not too late to redirect the Judaeo-Christian spirit in ways similar to some of the (mostly dead European) thinkers I’ve talked about.

See these? This seems to be just normal understanding there

Meanwhile we here obsess over which Zionist president to choose, year after year, and never discuss whether Zionism itself should not be chosen.

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