Alright this guy finally crossed the line

A science-pope whose role is to keep the peace.

There’s probably no way to tell you this without sounding patronizing- the main themes of my writings might as well be a version of telling people Santa isn’t real.

The establishment looks at people like me as the kid on the school bus who ruins Christmas for the younger kids.

“No matter what you say we’re still gonna believe in Santa!”

I’m not forcing you to do anything, you can believe in Santa.

“Just let the kids believe magic is real.”

All goys are kids to “them”, so I’m one of the kids myself, and I don’t see any reason to believe in Santa. I think the establishment itself wants to believe in Santa. It’s not that they’re just imposing it on the kids. It was imposed on them and they never really questioned it. This is the world we live in, where the adults at the highest echelons of power believe in Santa Claus (YHWH) – and they expect you to be his workshop elves. I’m not working in your workshop, I don’t believe in you.

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