Crypto-UN. There are people from our own countries that we don’t like very much. This includes both the plutos and the demos. This isn’t anything to do with “lording it over” others, this is just where you might find yourself if you’ve been reading me for a while. Did they acquire their places of wealth and power through justice? I’m not sure any of us believe that to be the case. Brahmins, Hakkas, Kabbalists, Platonists, we all might have a similar place on the earth. We care about wisdom above all else, and we want the ones who rule in our countries to realize that they shouldn’t be in charge if that is a secondary principle to them. “Fool’s gold” controls the world, people with empty beliefs in the highest places of the bureaucratic power-structure. We like to tell ourselves that we have a favorite movie, and when I really try to think about it, it seems it could’ve been a lot better, less mythological, more portraying the people of my country being freed from slavery. There’s no movie I know of like that, they’re all in service of the fool’s gold coalition. You can’t make one good movie? And you’ve made thousands? The people who control the media here exist because of money and rhetoric, nothing substantial. It’s a people that represents anti-art. Ah speaking of a crypto-UN, I also found this anti-western muslim today, here are some links. Singaporeans, Russians, what is so wrong about an Egyptian? Right, the Exodus, that story, and how people see it in the modern day. We live in a culture where people don’t believe in God.

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