What can you expect from Jews in your own country in the future-

“You challenge us and we’ll make sure your women fuck monkeys”

You were already doing that before I said anything. The very core of your being seeks to make countries stupid so you can continue to do whatever you want in the world.

Be a jew, make the daughters of goys disgusting, and be billionaires for it. Who’d ever think about genociding you? Not me, not any of my readers.

The solution to this is the military. Nuking NYC and Israel would be best for the US overall. They believe in a primitive religion that Christians understand is reminiscent of medieval superstition.

What do any of you minions have to show for it? Basketball tickets? Highbrow activities, people with souls that aren’t money and lack of character.

People who should be caring about basketball when there are other objectives to pursue like saying political statements on a kike-owned social media system. WHY don’t you ever do that? What’s something you can’t say on the place your identity is tied to? Type that out, what is it?

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