That Egyptian scholar El-Messiri is impressing me so I decided to look at modern-day Egypt, because I read before that they(?) imported lots of coons since ancient times so wasn’t expecting a scholar like him

Look at Kuwaitis now

What we think of as “Ancient Egypt” began about 3000 BC. We can go even more ancient than that.

Farmer bros

We wuz domesticatin animals n sheeit.

Huh, never thought of this explanation

“And the rest, is history.” Apparently the Aztecs did domesticate turkeys though. Ironic given Thanksgiving and the slaughter of cannibalistic indigenous populations, we got turkeys from the Aztecs

“It’s all connected, maaan.”

Anyway, probably has something to do with impulse-control. Certain races couldn’t raise animals because they couldn’t stop themselves from killing and eating them for instant gratification. That led to them killing and eating each other! That lack of impulse-control is still alive today, doesn’t it make you happy to live in the same city as them?

This is interesting in relation to my fixation of Exodus

this Jewish Diaspora component in the Egyptian genetic makeup – forming 4% of it, more so than the percentage of the Asia Minor, East Africa and Southern Europe components (which contribute by 3% each) – is the most surprising.

There must have been a “Remainedus” – I bet they weren’t treated very kindly after all that gold was stolen.

Note from the quote above that Northern and Southern “Meds” are distinguished. Yes, Italians are seen as the Northern ones! I was thinking about Swedes in this context earlier, I’ve read there are many crypto-Nazis among them, what are they like the Northern reserve, keep em in the freezer for later?

Anyway, back to Egypt, a couple factors about that genetic study to consider

We contend that the Copts had minimal admixture with the Muslim Arabs and Berbers of Egypt, and that the Copts are genetically different from Egyptian Arabs, Berber, Nuba and Beja of Egypt

Copts = descendants of pre-Islamic Egyptians. Strangely, they’re Christians. 15% of the population of 100 million.

the GP did not rely on a random selection of its Egyptian participants: this was left to paying participants. It means that only rich Egyptians, who were able to pay the $199 for a DNA kit were included. It also means that, in all probability, only Egyptians living in the metropolises of Cairo and Alexandria, or abroad in the Egyptian diaspora in the West, were included, since poorer Egyptians in smaller cities and towns, and in the villages of Egypt, could not afford to participate with their DNA.

Look at these responses, I wonder if there’s something funny going on here

Muslim responses to this were mixed – those who always saw themselves as Arab, even if they were not racially Arab, were not happy for being proven less of an Arab – Arab ancestry until recently has been seen as a badge of honour connecting its claimers to the nation of Muhammad

Egyptians’ reactions to the news was quite surprising as well, all the social media platforms erupted with people congratulating each other for not being Arabs!

Think of the Yinon Plan in this context. Who owns National Geographic? Disney. Who owns Disney? They could just be trying to sow confusion, dissipate identity among the Egyptians – this is the cynical take anyway.

I’m looking for hidden “Fascists” here, alright, I’ll be honest with you. Coptics are Christian Meds, are they anti-semitic too? My friends in the waiting, possibly somewhere to escape to?

Somewhere like pre-war Italy wouldn’t be so bad. Hate Israel, hate America, hate modernity, and not savage?

The Copts link themselves to Ancient Egypt… And many Egyptologists and Coptologists support them in this claim… Why are researchers not showing interest in studding the Coptic genome? … The researchers may be restricted by political correctness. 

quote Egyptians unquote

I’m willing to bet that El-Messiri is not a Nubian Egyptian. This is where the Kangz mythos is likely derived from.

From an Israeli news site

15 million Christian Med-ish anti-semites? I bet they want to Nubianize them into retardation.

A symptom

the United States is working against Copts for the benefit of Jews, shouts a Coptic activist


Anti-Semitism extends to the Coptic Orthodox Church, which, serving around 10 percent of Egypt’s population, is the largest single church in the Middle East and North Africa. As liberal Egyptian blogger Samuel Tadros points out, a certain Father Marcos Aziz Khalil wrote in the newspaper Nahdet Masr: “The Jews saw that the Church is their No. 1 enemy

The Egyptians are still around today? This calls for celebration

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