I love “collecting” this particular type of ethnos

And all this time we were the brain of Egypt… Wherever you look, Egypt in fact, we filthy Copts ruled, because we were smarter and more honest than everyone else.

More honest in the case of some ethnicities is obviously questionable.

This is just from a livejournal post I’m reading right now, by the way, will have to confirm info with… Yale Publications or something? later. I deliberately included the word livejournal when yandexing coptics because I’ve found lots of good reliable content there so far. Potentially lots of interesting people to find outside of Russia on that platform

Anyway though, where are these 10-15 million Coptics? Is there a “hub”? One of thee centers of anti-ZOG in the world?

Important if true-

The Copts in Egypt are like a separate nation

We all know that the catholic pope is a sell-out, maybe this is one of the last bastions of Christendom? You know that Orthodox Christians claim to be the original Christians, hence the name? That’s really something that Egyptians of all people are making that claim!

Ancient esotericism handed down by priests for 5000 years?

“The Torah? You got those ideas from us. Israel?”

Fritz Fritz Fritz you never thought of this

There’s nothing more fun than mimicking a megalomaniac

NTZSCH was still reading the exoteric YHWH in the Genealogy to presuppose that the Hyksos were slaves rather than masters. It’s the cunning of these masters to persuade the slaves of the modern-age that the masters were the slaves of history. This is an exodus from the fabrication known as Exodus. “It’s too extreme to be true!” You do you, I am who I am.

Just sayin, have many in the West even asked some of these questions?

Why trust the Hyksos?

Read this Jew’s take on Nietzsche and Exodus through the reversed-historiographical lens of the Egyptians, and from the standpoint of currently living in “country #110”.

I wonder what Coptic Orthodoxy can teach us..

I’m on to you Hyksos! You are that you are? I don’t think you are who you say you are.

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