Hey you, yeah YOU, I got you an early Christmas present – here

64 movies!

About 1084 were shown in theatres during the Third Reich. 10-15% were propaganda allegedly, pff who cares, I want to watch them all.

Just clicking a couple from the link I love the music already, old movies are the best.

Oh man, this is making me hoot with excitement, Goebbels’ reformation

This exertion of political influence took place by no means against the will of the majority of German filmmakers, technicians, and business people. In fact, National-Socialist film policy — especially after Jewish filmmakers were forced out and into exile — was rarely repudiated. 


If they don’t take those riggers to the courts this is what I’m going to be doing in February. Feds are going, “What, from your cell?” You can’t arrest a scriptwriter, I know my creative rights. Maybe you should watch some of these films, maybe you’d change your mind about some things? Speaking of you, I found this link via an aryan trad girl, how sad is it that I immediately conclude that it’s a fed? You have to have that level of control on people who disagree with you, that I would expect that, and not be at all misguided for doing so? You’re worse than the Gestapo. Not only are you more totalitarian, your values which you impose are the reverse of the Nazis, you try to destroy beauty. You really want a future of monkey sluts, that’s your meaning in life. Aryan trad girls are the opposite of that, actually classy ladies. They don’t want those to exist, it’s really disturbing. Watch, the 64 “they” picked out are going to be the most prog third reich films of the canon. Merry Christmas. Nah I’m probably just paranoid, I look forward to watching them. Veteran schizos frogs are going, “No you’re not, they’re all feds!” Shut up just let me watch the movies.

Whoa look at this number too, during the Moose’s regime

From 1922 to 1943, over 700 films were produced, most not really “fascist” films at all but primarily entertainment.

Fascist or not, they have to be better than Hollywood smut.

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