Typische Amerikaner

Easily found a list of ALL the films on Yandex, .ru wikis are a lot different

A separate page for each year of the Reich, very nice.

Season in Cairo, 1933, I’d watch that, not easy to find on google

Notice the spelling of that, and the appearance of these people? You can use that same thought-experiment we applied to Iranians and Syrians, how there’s something Euro-looking about them. Except with Germans, there’s something uh.. extremely Euro-looking about them. They’re demonized the most because they’re most similar. Can’t even let you think about them…

Here’s one based on Schiller from 1940 on youtube, without subtitles. That link to those 64 in my last post is seeming more and more like a blessing.

What’s this one? Anything you Irish want to confess to?

Thought you could put all the blame on the Germans and Italians? Anti-British propaganda film, I do like the sound of that. That’s probably an entire genre unto itself. “Yeah it’s called Hollywood.” Whoops, looks like you Brits got played. It’s sad, I see so many russkies on Yandex hating on the nazis still – they were the ones trying to stop the plutocrats that now control your country, fools.

That’s another “dream page” of mine- every single one of the 1084 Reich films listed, with hyperlinks to the movies with optional subtitles. Ditto for the 700 Italian films.

Hyperlink lists with media from all these countries in the “Never” category, ideally

Wasn’t Mel Gibson making something like this?

What could this be about?

This was reported on in May 2019.

This isn’t a good sign

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