This is weird to see, I wonder how “Axis” it is in this year

Klaus Kinski, is that you? You’d make any character a hero, being you

There are probably, what, five “Spaghetti Westerns” in popular consciousness? I wonder if earlier ones we never heard of were less synagogued.

Ooga booga where da white women at?

I feel I have a pretty objective view of both whites and meds. Something I don’t think either realize is that “friend good, enemy bad, end of story”, the Jew is the enemy of both of us.

You thought you were doing god’s work killing those eyetalians and eyerackees, did you even know what they thought about the world?

Killing the Germans was only a result of you having herds and herds of unthinking people on your side, kind of the same as the present-day.

Looking into these old Italian movies, through Yandex (lol), I keep seeing “El Alamein”, a battle from WW2 I haven’t heard much about – I wonder if there’s something there to study, maybe for tomorrow. In the process though I saw this

Makes me wonder how accurate “video game historiography” is. Because I’ve said before that video games are potentially the “form” of Richard Wagner in the present tech landscape. Potentially. Because if the war games are slanted a certain way, then they might as well be MSM. I saw this infographic this morning that I might’ve forgotten about until the above screencap

Last war game I played technically was one of the Call of Duty’s that gamers today would very likely laugh at the graphics of. What’s going on in those, I never see studies of them I guess. Are they Zionist? They’d mysteriously leave that out of JSTOR. In the same way that I look for an Arabic Goodreads, I wonder if there are underground video games that they don’t want us to play from the Muslim world. I can’t imagine these people truly have fun if they’re not shooting Westerners themselves? Are there terrorist videogames? I might like to play one of those. And even then, are those funded by the Saudis and Israelis, and smallskullgoys in the US? Alright so, Alamein, “Zionist video games”, these are two subject that need to be studied, for a while probably. #110 is yet to be written. Is there a book out there on all the anti-PC ramifications of Zionist interference in the state of the art video game medium? That would be a futuristic book. You gamers have probably been thinking about this for years, extremist revision in videogames. Is there an expert out there on this? Cultivating warlike instincts directed toward the real enemy in interactive VR, that might be the ultimate gesamtkunstwerk possible today. Theory leads to praxis, we need gaming experts to collude with MENA techlords. Anti-globalist video game, I’d love to play that. “Globalist”. There are zero high-ranking officers in the Iranian military who would want to develop a game for young people where they can have fun shooting Jews.

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