I wonder if they just burned any of them, in a time before USBs

In 1945, the allies banned the showing of films made during the Nazi era. They also confiscated important documents. Harmless films were soon released to the public, but in the 1950s they still had some 250 politically dubious films under lock and key. The Western allies only relinquished their privileges as an occupation force in 1955.

Well, there are at least 250.

I wonder what this sweet old lady might say

“I haven’t heard the name of that film in years… That was my father’s favorite…”

Yeah, probably burned without a trace. Those 250 though, which ones are they?

Goebbels nationalized the film industry in 1937, so we have a good 7-8 years or so, plus we might speculate that films were made around 1944 that were never released because the allies took over soon after.

This is Gerd Albrecht

some 1,100 films needed to be examined more carefully.

My research took 10 years despite substantial support from the German government because both the documents and the films were widely scattered. 

In 1944 Goebbels put together something known as the Gottbegnadeten-Liste, a list of divinely-gifted artists.

1,041 artists out of the 140,000 members of the Reich Chamber of Culture were excluded from the draft. 35 film directors, that’s what I’m looking for at the moment. One could get more crypto too and look up the 96 screenwriters on the list 18 of the latter were even women – so much for that stereotype about the natzeez. Many of these people were allowed to continue their work after the war.

Some of the directors

Wolf Albach-Retty, Gustaf Gründgens, Jürgen Fehling, Heinrich Piel, Viktor de Kowa

I’m still looking for what those 250 films were that the allies confiscated.

Couldn’t have been these ones

This is weird?

Anyway, unsurprisingly it isn’t easy to track down the Gottbegnadeten-Liste. And many of the films I can connect to it aren’t hyperlinked, or expensive on amazon.


The original list is kept in the Federal Archives of Germany under the signature BArch R 55 / 20252a (unpublished).

You scared?

Nazi officials had a so-called Gottbegnadeten Liste (a divinely gifted list). Backhaus says that some of these artists’ works are held within the German Historical Museum’s collection and will be presented within the exhibitions planned for 2021…

“Despite all the research that has been conducted into the Nazi period and all of the conclusions that have been reached, art from the Third Reich remains a taboo.

“Selected names”

Alright now we’re getting somewhere

You have to go to “the heart of evil” (Germany) to get it

the “God-gifted list”, on which this book is based, was created from various lists of artist names compiled since 1939. All artists are introduced here by name, most of them with pictures and biography.

Dieser Artikel kann nicht an die ausgewählte Adresse versandt werden.

This article cannot be shipped to the US.

It was first published in 2020. This will just be an exercise in demonstrating censorship for now – the few names I did find which I mentioned above look interesting.

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