Good advice from the poster I learned about Sassoon and wikispooks from – another Hail Mary option for Trump

This was written in 2008. I see people replying to this guy’s posts from over a decade ago striking directly at the truth that most of the population even today never speaks of. In 2032 is there still going to be this divide? Trump could say anything, he could walk on water and say it from the middle of a pond, he could grow angel’s wings and say it from the sky, and they would blink with apathy. The banker-screens control their most instinctive interpretation of him, let alone all higher-order thoughts. If we ever get a “drain the swamp” candidate again in our lives I’ll be shocked. They’re just going to get better and better at using advances in technology, surveillance, information gathering, and “integrity projects” in order to hypnotize the population, swindling them into gaining more and more trust in the swamp, so that the words of any future candidate who stands against it will fall on deaf ears. If crypto-Trump wrote a memoir about it all that was so honest that he would have to flee the country, that could do some damage. Because where we are now, a lot of these things that certain marginalized anons have been discussing for years, are still considered mere conspiracies, and that of course is crucial to their scheme of remaining in power. One of Trump’s Good Works has been to CONFIRM that the media is based on deception. Before, we didn’t have a Representative who said it, it was kind of just a folk conspiracy, if you remember the pre-2016 days. He could confirm lots of other things if he wanted. “Yes, and WHO controls the media?” Hail Mary, suicide-bomb, either way sounds good.

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