See what they do?

Can you imagine zoomers doing the same thing?

It must just be like going through the motions at this rate. “You’re just jealous.” There’s an edge of that, I have to admit.

It’s difficult to keep track of all the names

They even give their children different last names sometimes.

Then there’s this factor

What we call “The Israel Lobby” is just an abstraction, the people we know of on the surface probably aren’t all that important. These are all pretty much surface critters that I’ve named in this post, though I’m sure they and their descendants “weigh in” in one way or another.

I’d like to get my hands on these letters

Now apply this to today’s “royalty”, CEOs, congresspersons, etc., and instead of letters it’s probably decrypted calls and emails – they have people in the NSA to make sure no one would ever know. “Now you’re just getting tinfoil.” Whatever you want to say… They didn’t all collectively decide to donate their fortunes to charity. If anything they’ve just been making more and more and more over the decades. Who better than families who’ve been in banking for centuries to know how to hide their precise wealth? I’m all for putting the surface people into camps, they’re the ones who will lead us to the other ones. “You can’t put them into camps, they’re royalty, they’re fancy!” Okay fancy pants, I guess systematic brainwash and ethnic cleansing is just the rightful behavior of royalty. I don’t think so, I don’t care how much money they’ve made off of usury, the opium trade, and the more recent drug smuggling operations. Good for you, I don’t recognize your royal status. Shady means to get to where you are, shady means to preserve where you are today. Gulag.

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