“Can’t you just stop being racist? Can’t you just stop criticizing Jews? Haven’t you already said enough?”

Have I?

You probably wouldn’t mind if “Dead Sea Scrolls” were discovered that allowed you to read 1000 pages more of his writings, so what’s your bias? Are you sure that calling it “capital” isn’t itself something ideological? So neutral, all too neutral. “So what about the goys?” Well why do you think we call them that? They’re the servants of capital whether in the realm of ideas or actual tangible capital. “So you’re saying there’s a flesh and blood version of Capital?” They do seem to exemplify the traits that give capitalism a bad name. “Who do you mean by ‘they’?” The Anglos of course, just ask Land. The Anglos exemplify capitalism, obviously. You must have false consciousness if you think otherwise, goy! Genetics is an exempt subject when discussing historical materialism, what are you some kind of Nazi?

Alright, I’m done with the mockery, I truly just want everyone on both the left and right to be happy. Where else can we trace the original “ought” to? Will Marx make us happy, will Nietzsche make us happy, will Jews or Germans make us happy? Probably none of those. Does present-day America make me happy? No, is anyone happy here? Yesterday when I was trolling you pretending to be Yahweh, I only mean to convey the idea that we need to all go back to the absolute drawing-boards about everything. That’s my version of establishment-biden’s “healing together” or whatever. Let’s go back to the very beginning and trace from there why the US is the way it is now. Maybe then we’ll learn some things, rather than subscribing to Transcendental Beliefs crafted approximately between 1945-1965. Are those right? Are they true? I’m not sure, I have lots of doubts. What I do know is that there is a way of thinking that they want to make sure is censored in the public consciousness. Any honest, scholarly discussion of that is also hidden from John Public, Susie Status Quo. Is this right? Going with this marxist theme, it seems like a form of exploitation. We should at least be able to talk about it without risking being unpersoned. Take my favorite example Jack for instance- what gives him the right to disappear people? I look at his history and he seems like some nerd who is good with technology. Does he know anything besides that? Or is he just a victim of the same ideological-material forces that the rest of the West is? I don’t think he or pretty much any billionaire has any say outside of finance and tech. That’s all they know. And yet these are the ones who determine our lives, let’s not even mention the usurers who are even more ignorant about the nobler ideas in life. I’m calling the game- none of you know how to respond to me directly because you are out of your element. Give me some investment advice, lemme guess, it furthers the plans of Zionists? Ah, so you’re worthless in that regard too. What are you even good for? We’ll be redistributing your wealth to the population of the world for your crimes against humanity.

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