When you study an era of history, a few of the most prominent things tend to be wars and leaders, sometimes inventions. “What defines a time?” we could ask. Those three things seem to be key for me. And I don’t think the ones of our time are adequately understood. The conflict in the Middle East, the shadow government, the internet. Wars, leaders, inventions. We could also add the background belief system–religion–of the people involved in these things. We can use the invention of the internet to talk about the shadow government, wars, and religion, probably in a way that people of other eras weren’t able to. Ever feel scared into silence about these subjects? That’s even with internet, imagine a peasant with a bread stand who could only talk, who could have their stand sabotaged in the middle of the night for saying the wrong thing. Lowlifes still do this through doxxing, contacting bosses, etc., hence an implicit fear even on the internet. “My bread stand, oh no! The CEO of wheat won’t sell to me anymore!”

So what’s an example of “saying the wrong thing”?

Iraq used to be known as Babylon.

What will our era be remembered for? If we’re lucky, and if too much history isn’t erased, the more inquisitive, perceptive ones of the future will probably note that we sent waves of warriors to the Middle East in order to secure territory there for Hyksos.

We don’t have to go all the way back to Babylon, though that’s for another time. For now I find this more recent connection to be interesting

David Sassoon, kingpin of the opium trade, was imprisoned in Babylon and had to flee to India and China, taking many Babylonian Jews with him, among them the Kadoories.

Li – 李 – international capitalism

Many people believe it’s all chaos, that it’s all decentralized. There might be some truth to that. On the other hand, there are various families you can isolate. Would it fix all the problems in the world if they were tried at Hague? Probably not, though I can’t see that making matters worse.

This is just the easy one to name, as I’ve said- it’s a symbol

That’s what they want you to think, that it’s all decentralized. There are certain people who are immensely wealthy who aren’t on the Forbes list, because they don’t want potential “Nazis” rising against them again.

Want to understand these guys?

Then you probably need to know about a certain ancient grudge, and its more recent manifestation

One way to look at WW2 is… “Alright some of you goys have a problem with us settling our ancient grudge, so it looks like you have to die.” Their grudge is far from over. By the way, would any certain pretty lady like to sit with me in a Coptic Orthodox church sometime? “From the Euphrates to the Nile…”

It’s different ancient traditions vying against each other. Many Nazi intellectuals saw their regime as the rebirth of Greece. Coptics see themselves as the true descendants of the Pharaohs. You think they believe that a people who they once hosted and initiated into the religious mysteries have a right to their land? Sassoon&co. were expelled from Iraq only to do what? Destabilize China? Do you think they were innocent in Iraq based on this behavior? Now how about ancient Babylon, were they innocent then too?

It’s a matter of whose history you’re going to trust. Incidentally, this exists

The Sassoons have their side of the story, the Iraqis have theirs

Here’s another one, until we get a neo Lawrence of Arabia type to scan some libraries and do translation / tech work for us

Whoa, this one gets into the so-called cons-piracy side

We’re going to need diplomats who are experts on all this, who can have realtalks with the Chinese.

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