Apparently the Sassoons unironically claim to be descendants of King David – who could know?

335 hits for the name in this book.

Can’t you imagine someone like Murdoch going, “The Sassoons? They’re nothin.”

He’s the exact type of person that would know about that. “And you’ll never know.”

I can still try, you liver-spotted old miser.

This Sir Victor Sassoon “coincidentally” moved to the Bahamas once the Revolution began in China–meanwhile,

I saw a family related to the Rothschilds yesterday that had a litter of three kids, and they were all given different last names – I wonder if this has been going on for a while. Nonetheless, the surface-actors are still out there on the prowl.

I wonder if these have been expunged

This paragraph brings together lots of names

Churchill was close pals with Baruch, don’t think I’ve forgotten about him either.

FBI involvement, no surprise there – that’s why Trump needs to DECLASSIFY EVERYTHING

regarded by many as a bungled attempt to effectively “airbrush out” the very existence of the two trusts and consequently perfect the crime currently embroiling senior members of the British Royal Family, a startling array of City of London banking institutions and countless professional firms spanning three continents.

The Carroll Foundation Trust files are held within a complete lockdown at the FBI Washington DC field office…

A couple examples of “name-shuffling”

Major Desmond Fitzgerald, a cousin of Sir Victor Sassoon

Another recent example of an “Iraqi”/李 crossover

A review from a few days ago on a book about the Sassoons and Kadoories by a Chinaman

Why would I characterize myself as an “anti-semite” rather than simply being anti- these various connected families? That poster I mentioned yesterday who introduced me to Sassoon again makes a great point

He wrote this over a decade ago, so clearly it’s managed to retain its value somehow. We here at have been trying to change that.

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