Lots on Sassoons I never heard of here

David had a brother that was also kicked out of Baghdad. Joseph set up shop in Syria, Egypt, and Greece. We might have solved the mystery of whether they have a bank in Syria too. It’s similar with Russia, they want to give you the idea they’re autonomous. Iran is still pending. They must have really learned a lesson from Esther. I’m sure they’ve created lots of media involving that event over the centuries, that I’d like to find.

You can see their origin here

Yet not all Jews wanted to leave their homes. The Jewish community of Babylon lived at ease, and there were those who did not want to leave the comfortable cities in order to work hard on the rocky soil of Jerusalem. This division laid the foundation for one of the oldest Jewish communities in the world, the Babylonian Jewish community.

They still pretend they’re in captivity, either that or are genuinely insane, and have a genetic mental illness that leads them to believe they are still in captivity. King Cyrus allowed them to return to Israel and build their Temple, and instead they stayed in Babylon, probably in part to get revenge – sound familiar? “This is the perfect place to exploit the cattle.”

Okay this is a good sign

Then the Syrian government expropriated our Damsacus bank in 1954. Egypt expropriated our Cairo branch in 1956.

Different yids, not Sassoons. What we should do with our banks, those muslims are so inferior to us, right?

Other banks

That first hyperlink in this post alleges that the Sassoons were the most prominent cotton traders during the Civil War- something else to look into.

Look at this one, look at this face

provides loans to Syrian refugees

Force them to flee their country so they’re poor, then offer them loans that you collect interest on, business is business.

HSBC, the one the FBI has the files on

They have involvement in Mexico too, I wonder if the Sassoons have any connection to all the anti-wall propaganda. The people who control your brain, we found the name of one of them.

They’re clever, have to give them that. Then again, if they were really clever there wouldn’t be anyone posting about them.

Jailing them would destroy the financial system, and so what?

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