One of the controversies about this place is that the claim was made that women are supposed to be in a kitchen. Do you want me to clarify the meaning of that, or would you prefer to go make me something in the kitchen since you wouldn’t understand anyway? You have no idea about anything. “Yes I do, I’ll prove it!” How so? Have you actually addressed this “kitchen claim” directly? If you had then I’d be eating one of your great-grandmother’s desserts right now. “We have intellectual foundations.” Who, de Beauvoir? She’s so old, she doesn’t know what’s going on. Can opinion-control even have normal talks about these thinkers who control the zeitgeist. Adorno for instance, do any of you even know him, beyond the context that was taught to you? There were some nazi-jews who knew about this. Not you, not you, never you.

“I like to be taunted”

Do you have white people morality? If no then I have no concern for what you believe. Say something good for once in the world!

Prove you’re the Chosen People, say one thing that is good. I’ve never seen that. All Jews who should be exterminated. This is another Shoah, yes.

“He’s oppressing me” – I am? So tell me about the bankers, newspapers, movies, academies, etc. Oppressing you how so? Can you say that publicly, or are you one of the secret service people who work freelance? You follow the Torah and their bankers because you write without any institutional constraint. Wait, you’re writing for Israel, so I think you are a sort of slave, do you have some kind of debt, anon? Does something prevent you from saying whatever you want on the internet all the time?

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