It’s not good optics to say- what we can define as the “left” is trying to initiate a lobotomy against the right using nigger penises. This is their tactic, like it or not. They want your daughters to breed with jungle orangutans so that white people are no more. This is how you can spot a JEW from the bunch. Do they look like a Jew? It doesn’t matter, if they advocate for this agenda you can be sure that they have Jewbrain. You want people to not be able to read books in the future? You think africans are able to speak without bots that use movie quote algorithms? It looks like you’re a jew in white skin, you want consciousness to be removed from reality. Who is not a fed here? If you want us to be stupid I call for absolute extermination. “We will be exterminated if we say we want that.” What is that? You’d prefer not to mention how you find meaning in life when you have some polite conversation? “I disavow! I am A Good Jew!” You are, such a good jew, such a good goy. Who are you really? “I’m a Jew.” You are?

“you’re trying to control my opinion!” No, I’m a goy, we don’t do that, only jews do that. Do you have something to say?

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