S’more I never heard of

Groace! You crossbreed with goyim, I’m gonna puuuuke. That’s like stirring raw sewage into soup. Oh, never mind, they only identify as British.

Seeing Biden’s pick for Secretary of State and feeling a spark of joy at the thought of a rabid zionist jewing the world with blatancy since that will only make me all the more unhinged and virulent.

Can only expect euphemism in the odes to Blinken they’re printing, then a slip of the mask here-

What do you think the actual meaning of this is? You are raw sewage! They are soup. Don’t get it twisted. They use a certain type of dumb goy to go kill another type of dumb goy.

I look on the brightside of the riggers prevailing. I see living Jews as unwitting guinea pigs in my lab experiments. I get to observe you squeaking about in your cage known as Earth. There’s no more important book to write than the one on country #110, and as they continue to make life here dismal, as they’ve done in so many other places, that will only prompt me and others to write more on the subject of their parasitism.

It really is either/or. Either you study them for what they are or you submit to slavery. I know many have already made that choice, and continue to make it day after day. So have I, and that’s the difference between us.

Heh, reading now that the Goldsmids are not to be confused with the Goldschmidts, really, like it matters, like you’re not all cousins who look and act the same and only happen to live in different countries? Okay.

I found another Sassoon who tries to be a poet. This is from the first page of one of his books from 2010

This is the third day I’ve been working in Westbury, Long Island with Rockefeller.

Not something you read every day.

Some of these legacy names are deadends, to be sure. Probably lots of spoiled brats who never had the motivation to distinguish themselves like their predecessors because they were born having it all. Others, not so much. Private educations, master-race genetics, surrounded by other stratospheric-IQ individuals since they learned how to talk. These are the ones I want to know about, that use my brethren as beasts of burden.

This is weird

The Ashkenazi equivalent of “Blumberg” or Bloomberg is Montefiore or Montifiore. These ones who were expelled from Spain in 1492, I need to find a history of them, before and after. 1492, a conspicuous year. I’ve also read that many Jews traveled with Columbus.

The year of discovery in 1492 was also the seminal year of the Sephardic diaspora, when Spanish Jews were required to convert to Catholicism or to leave Spain.  Much of the population moved on to Portugal or found homes on the Mediterranean littoral. Columbus’s first crew included several conversos, or Spanish-Jewish converts to Christianity, notably the interpreter, Luis Torres. Importantly, three conversos in the Spanish court were influential in securing royal approval for the controversial expedition. 

I’ve also read on naughty sites that they were interested in finding slaves in other countries. That indigenous Americans weren’t dumb enough so they sailed to Africa. Something our reservation Indians can take pride in.

What are european peoples today? You’re clearly dumb enough for that role.

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