Provocative thesis

Columbus speaks favorably of that expulsion in his journal.


It’s so ironic that Russia seems to be freer than the US. At least that’s the impression Yandex consistently gives me.

Aaron Lopez, the first Jew to receive citizenship in Massachusetts (1763), was said to have been perhaps the largest merchant in America. 

This is another one like Sassoon who’s been disappeared from history for political reasons. Namely because his existence causes doubt about the validity of the state religion.

I’ve mentioned Lopez before, do you remember what kind of merchant he was? He was in the slavery business, the literal slavery business. Not the opium “slavery” business of Sassoon.

I wonder to what degree he helped create the proto-CIA

On hearing of Lopez’s death, president Ezra Stiles of Yale College wrote that Lopez was an “amiable, benevolent, most hospitable & very respectable gentleman & without a single Enemy & and the most universally beloved by an extensive Acquaintance of any man I ever knew.”

He also helped build Brown University.

“We’re so sorry!”

Lopez is one of the names. Aaron was a converso in Portugal before moving to the US. In other words, it seemed the Lopezes pretended to be Catholics for over 200 years before this one sailed to the US. In OTHER words, they pretended not to be slavemasters only for one to throw off the mask after centuries and turn into one of the most prominent slavemasters of all time. And he helped create the educational institutions that enslave us today in their own way. If you think I’m exaggerating why don’t you ever post about the things I do? They’re called mental shackles, clink clink bitch.

I’m just having a blast with these livejournal writers of Russia. I haven’t even gotten to their theories about WW2 which would shock you. Look at the dates here

Some of the stuff these people say is shoddy, and other times like now I’m only finding connections that confirm some of these claims to be true. Talk about world-shattering reinterpretations of history. Sorry to state the obvious parallel- Yandex is like discovering a New World.

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