“Screaming bubbles” rofl I just want to be a normal person, and then I look at the world and have these thoughts of violence. What kind of curse is this? We’re conned on so many levels, I’m just sick of it. We’re punished for the sins of Jews. Meanwhile they prosper. If that doesn’t make you angry I don’t know what to tell you. I almost wish that the guiding myths of the nation could be substantiated, because then life would at least seem just. The way it is now, it’s just based in crackpot theories. I wish I had a direct descendant who was the captain of a slave ship, instead it was probably a parrot beak from the middle east who shouldn’t even be living in a european society. Go back to your sand! I wish I could look at their history and find that they were truly undeservedly persecuted, and that Hitler was an evil person, and that’s just impossible, they clearly were asking for it every step of the way, and they never learned a lesson from any of it. And we have to pay for it. That’s what all of our beliefs here revolve around. You white people are evil racist slaver capitalists, say the ones who are most like that themselves. If you want some evil racism I’ll show you that with a gas chamber. They’ve destroyed the minds of so many white people, and they plan to continue, forever, until we don’t even exist anymore, so they can move on to the next people. Most minds have been so destroyed that they don’t even care that this is happening.

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