They continue to try to freeze my internet (this has been going on a while) because they don’t know how to react – you freeze internet, you rig elections, you’re cringe bro. You’re kikes. In a normal face to face discussion you’d only be proved to be an idiot who has inherited wealth through exploitation to prove that he wasn’t the evil one involved in the Exodus. “We are kikes! We admit it!” – something we will never see a kike say. Only one solution if they are in this stage of denialism – DEATH. Anyone who wants white people to die should be murdered without trial. You lived in our countries as hosts and we invented virtually everything, you have no authority to speak. Tell yourself you do usurer kike, bring the niggers of the world into it too, you’re all pathetic mongrels who need to live in other people’s countries to survive – just look at you! sickening niggerjews! disgusting! Nothing is lost when you are sent to hell. Look, it’s a turd with eyeballs that’s respected in the international community ahahahahahahaha

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