Found another Shamir

“It’s annudah Shamir!”

This is part of the Ukraine as the third Israel theory. Hodos calls it the third Khazaria. The first one we mentioned yesterday (7th-10th centuries), the second was the USSR.

He’s a critic of the Chabad. Remember, the group that teaches children that there are only 600,000 souls in the world. Allegedly they have high places in the Ukrainian government, and around the world.

Enticing – he has lot of books

he began by all means to expose the criminal plans of Chabad

Chabad is a closed, hermetically sealed religious cabalistic organization, to which I have nothing to do now… Chabad reminds me of Chernobyl – this deadly radiation that no one sees, but suffers from it. And a lethal dose can be detected only by those who have a dosimeter in their hands.

I have one of those! Most people’s brains are jewed. You don’t want this to be you. You have to be modest. Most people were illiterate farmers until recently in history, and they’re easy to manipulate. Ponder whether that could happen to you.

Don’t you just want to know more about people like this?

Here’s one of his books.

Good to know

He says someone by the name of Sviatoslav wiped them out – can we get a Sviatoslav?

Khodos has about 20 books

Each of my books contains the main provisions of the theory of the “three Khazars”

So two expulsions we can study, plus one hopefully in the works today. He takes the Khazaria of the Middle Ages as a sort of proto-USSR. And the third Khazaria begins in the early 90s after the collapse of the second Khazaria. I found a few books in English on the Khazars of the Middle Ages, I don’t really trust books in English though. Finding so many parallels to today’s America in all three Khazarias, that’s what interests me.

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