This is the claim about Chabad

Jewry is built (like other societies) in the shape of a pyramid. 
And the closer to the top of the pyramid, the clearer the overall picture

Let me explain. Now there are many-sided and multi-level processes: the restart of the world financial system, the “sinking” of the United States, the drain of the capitalist economic system, the reformatting of traditional religions and the launch of new ones, and much more about which we probably do not even know. 

This seems to be the case

Shamir, Laitman, Hodos, we’re starting a collection.

Is it the Chabad at the top of the pyramid or is it clean-shaven ones with dark-rimmed spectacles? I lean toward the latter, though I’m willing to lend an ear to Hodos’ theory. He claims Alan Greenspan, the former chair of the federal reserve, was their guy, so maybe it’s both working together? For him, Zelensky is their guy, Putin is their guy.

I decided to Yandex Shamir Laitman Hodos together to see if I can find a post that mentions all of them, and maybe more like them

Sevela? Apparently a screenwriter and novelist.

A couple other traitors?

We’re at the frontiers of political qabbalah with this sort of investigation in my opinion.

Shlomo Sand considers himself a post-Zionist

He expresses a desire to break with what he sees as a “tribal Judeocentrism” subject to the “caprices of the sleepwalking sorcerers of the tribe” 

Looks like a sort of genealogist

Sand found no evidence that the Romans had ever exiled the ancient Israelites. Little by little, he undercut the foundational myth of Zionism. Undaunted by the fury his results elicited in certain quarters, he went on to apply the same methods in The Invention of the Land of Israel (2012) and to draw political conclusions from his work in How I Stopped Being a Jew (2013).

From the description of a book published last year

Confirming my suspicious that we’re living in an unreflective theocracy?

Middle Easterners like him, which is rare.

Alright, how about this I. Girsch (И.Гирш)? Not finding anything on one living near our time.

I feel so alone in all this. I don’t care, you’re all wrong. You’re just products of these forces. It’s possible to get some awareness of the source.

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