Shamir agrees with Sand

Derrida would’ve been doing this kind of thing if he wasn’t biased.

This is what all the vengeance in the media is about, which affects all of our lives so much, that they were taught they were persecuted by goys throughout history, and these two heebs are saying it’s mostly made up. Isn’t that nice, they propagate deception because deception was propagated to them.

“We’re the victims, you have to pay!” No and no, thank you.

An even weirder theory in that hyperlink- the Palestinians are the original Israelis. The Zionists that occupy their land today were Khazars who converted to Judaism.

This confuses lots of things doesn’t it? That’s what sophists do, confuse, so we should try to avoid that. What’s the truth of it all? This is another book affiliated with these two heretics

It’s a business. And what’s the product? The salespersons have convinced you that you get to be a good person if you invest your agreement on this. Just one way to look at it.

I see advertisements of attractive women on some of these pages I click, and I think, if I keep pursuing these subjects I’m never going to get one of those. And I keep doing it anyway, why? Why? “You have to be a paypig for our zionist business or else. Falsify history or else. It’s like if Pepsi and Coca Cola both existed and you preferred Pepsi – that’s not allowed, Coca Cola has a monopoly, you have to buy that or else. “What if Coca Cola entails the ethnic cleansing of my people?” “Too bad.” So if it’s a lose lose then I’m gonna stick with Pepsi.

The kinds of friends I like to keep

These two identify as far-left, strangely. See, confusion, that’s what anomalies like them cause, gotta love it.

A type of esotericism I hadn’t heard of before

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