An anti-rabbi rabbi’s reading of the Protocols is one of the “evilest” books I’ve seen

for the storage and distribution of the Zion Protocols, the death penalty was imposed without trial. The keepers of this document were equated with bandits and pogromists and were immediately shot at the nearest wall.

I wonder what this is about?

Putin doesn’t want the Brooklyn Chabad to have the library that was confiscated by the USSR. They sue him and he doesn’t plan on paying the fee of $50,000 a day of keeping the 12,000 books and 50,000 documents in Russia, maybe he isn’t in their pocket?

The Brooklyn Chabad has these

They want to arrest a rabbi over it. What could be contained in these 7 books? Why do they want those 12,000 others? I wonder if there’s something even better than the Protocols among them?

Exact numbers vary

What’s going on here?

Since February 2011, Russians have refused to loan any artwork to American museums, fearing the pieces will be used as ransom for the Schneersohn books.

Truth-serum texts?

Clues to yandex

Tanya is that book that talks about how goyim don’t have souls. Is it wrong, is it wrong? I don’t even want to talk to you people sometimes because I know it’s mostly right. I agree with Laitman that it’s time for us to learn the Kabbalah and see things from their perspective. These books in this library would probably help us with that. That Hodos I found today says that it can cause mental illness to know about that. I’m just sick of the goys, you’re fucking retards. Reading his take on the Protocols is enlightening- “Yup, yup, they all fall for exactly that, and that, and that, every day, and don’t realize it, and nothing you tell them will ever make them change.”

Why would they both have cared, why do so many people on different sides care today? There must be something about these books

This is a 2013 article

Exactly how goys are animal-like and how you manipulate them, yes I’d like to find some books on that.

Trying to figure out what these seven interlibrary loan books are that would warrant this- this is pretty extreme wouldn’t you say?

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