Holodomor and the Gulags were revenge for Sviatoslav’s decimation of Khazaria? I don’t remember being taught that in high school?

Holodomor has a red squiggly line under it ha. Speaking of reservations, isn’t today Thanksgiving? Palestine is the closest equivalent to the slaughter of Native Americans today, good luck hearing about that from a prog, though it’s most relevant to bring up. Or we could discuss the constant barrage of race-mixing propaganda being similar to spreading pox among the Indians, good luck hearing about that either, make sure to only blame white people for being bad today like the good shitbrained goy you are. -dumps a bowl of scalding gravy over your head- Happy holidays.

The above excerpt has been attributed to a certain Rabinovich or alternately to a certain Schneerson

Schneerson, this is the one who took over Chabad after the one whose library we discussed yesterday died in 1950.

One story on how they got to Brooklyn

I wish we could just have a civil war so I could murder leftists and not go to prison for it. Give me the impression I’m being wiped out like a Native American or Palestinian and why wouldn’t I want to flatten your head with a cinderblock? Then you deny that this impression of mine is accurate, which only makes me more bloodthirsty. That’s what I think about on thanksgiving. You?

Anyway, I’m still looking for information about that library – this is the sort of thing I’m expecting to find

No, not sacrifice on an altar, the baboonification of the country, don’t you love baboons, being a minority in a baboon country? That’s the future I pay thanks for today, join me in a prayer thanking leftists and dumpsterkikes for bringing this future about. Grace.

We’re living in a Jewish-orchestrated coup to turn the country into chimpanzees, why am I the only one who says this? Anyone who supports this deserves the fate of the indians. You’re a savage with no soul and murdering you would be moral. If you disagree go move to a nigger country and send me a postcard.

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