I love to see our ruling-caste placed in historical context – it’s rare, and never occurs in English publications, mysteriously

Svyatoslav, Svyatoslav, we all like to find a hero in life don’t we? Is this another Ivan the Terrific? No results when I look for him on z-library, and only Russian books I find on amazon. A nice 500 pager from 2019, what wonders could that contain? Had you ever heard of Sviatoslav before?

It’s just like a jigsaw puzzle, I’m trying to connect the dots. Namely, how did they end up in these places?

And were they upstanding citizens while they lived there, before the Nazis rose?

We’re talking about OUR current ruling-caste here. Imagine if the majority of names you found linked to places of power were Portuguese? Yeah, those Portuguese, their history isn’t difficult to track down–they always lived in Portugal, pretty much. With the conspicuous ones of our ruling-caste not so much. So what is their history? How’d they get to Romania? What happened in Khazaria? What happened in Spain? It seems the most frequent country I find when looking into their expulsions is Spain. What did they do to have to move to Spain? Are they doing something similar in the USA now?

Uhh I found this on Sviatoslav, it’s based on wiki?

What were they like in Poland, when Hitler invaded? We don’t learn about these things. Don’t you like to know about who rules over you? How many of them descend from Eastern Europe? Or are you a blank-slatist? Patterns and inheritance of habits don’t exist in your world?

This is more enthralling than any mystery movie in my opinion

What happened here?

What’s happening here?

Looks like a nice chunk of property?

Speaking of chunks

“… and “Klipot” and “Sitra Achra” are called “vomiting and stool,” as is well known” (“Tanya”).

So, according to the Tanya, “klipot” (impurities) = vomiting and excrement = unclean animals = peoples of the world.

Qliphoth in Kabbalah are the impurities left over after Creation, in this case, goyim.

The way they talk about white people in the media you’d almost suspect that they’re Kabbalists who regard us as puke, no?

A lot of questions, a lot of mysteries about the people who control our screens, control our minds

Why did they have to move around so much? Why is it so much easier to study the history of the Portuguese? Does their moving around so much affect how they rule over us? Why are many of these questions forbidden?

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